Scan barcodes into the blockchain – IOTA tangle – Use cases

Below are some use cases to show why it is making sense to combine barcodes with a immutable blockchain / IOTA tangle:

Supply Chain
Blockchain technology allows us to more securely and transparently track all types of transactions, imagine the possibilities it presents across the supply chain.

Every time a product changes hands, the transaction can be documented, creating a permanent history of a product, from manufacture to sale. This can dramatically reduce time delays, added costs, and human error that plague transactions today.

Food – proof of origin
Food origin control chain. The food producers have to scan barcodes which will be stored in the immutable blockchain during every step of production. The end user can scan a barcode printed on the product package to retrieve the real origin of the food (meat / vegetables etc). 

Counterfeit-proof cash registers
Especially in Germany the tax fraud with the help of manipulated cash registers is a recurrent topic. Once the sold articles have been scanned they can be traced by the tax authorities during an audit. Don#t forget: The data in the tangle can#t be changed.

Once scanned, items are stored almost immediately indelible / not changeable – permanently.

Installed parts or fully manufactured products can be reported directly to all partners involved in a mission-critical environment.
This message chain does not require complex database applications or similar expensive IT operations.

Parcel tracking
Scanned parcels are visible in the IOTA Tangle Ledger promptly. Later disputes about delivery times etc. can easily be cleared thanks to the time stamp stored during the creation of the transactions.

Land ownership title tracking
Governments and businesses around the world and especially in Africa are exploring ways to store data, such as contracts and assets, in blockchains – which are decentralized ledgers of digital transactions – amid rapidly growing investor interest.

Countries including Honduras, Georgia and Rwanda have signed deals to build blockchain-based land-titling systems, where information is stored in immutable digital registries.



This is a real existing example of a scanned barcode.

You can check it here:

Alternatively you can search for “TANGLESCANNER”

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